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       Enterprise introduction

      Jiangxi Huier Fuel Injection Equipment Co., Ltd  formerly known as Jiangxi nozzle and Fuel Injection pump factory, is a professional enterprise specializing in the production of Fuel Injection pump and nozzle,Established in 1967 and restructured in November of 2002.                                                                                

      Located in Ruichang City, north of Jiangxi Province, it is 2km away from railway station, 15km from dock of Changjiang and 32km from Jiujiang City. The transportation is convenient. Covering an area of about 120,000sqm, it enjoys a construction area of 48,000sqm and a total staff of 510, nearly 100 technicians.

            Through 50 years of development, the Company achieved significant progress in various fields such as brand strategy, technological reformation and market exploration since its restructuring, thus realizing rapid growth of economical and technical index. It obtained ISO9001 Certificate: 2015 Quality Management System. 

      The company has 150 varieties of products, mainly including: BQ series multi cylinder injection pump, JQ series multi cylinder injection pump, No.1 series single cylinder pump and multi cylinder fuel injection pump, No.1 enhanced series multi cylinder fuel injection pump, PM and PMQ, PMH injection pump, injector assembly, injector nozzle, plunger, delivery valve coupling, which are widely used in 65-110 cylinder diesel engines such as automobiles, ships, agricultural machinery, generator sets, etc. Existing production capacity: annual output of 300000 multi cylinder fuel injection pump assemblies, 500000 fuel injectors, 6 million fuel injection nozzle, plunger and outlet valve assemblies.

      North Gate of the company


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      電話(Tel):0792-4222926  E-mail:huier@www.jijikji.com